Modern tools make it easier than ever to build your own website, but should you do it? or should you hire a professional web developer?

In this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of both, to help you get on your way to getting your business online and getting more customers.

1. What is a website builder?

A website builder is basically a tool that anyone can use that skips out the steep learning curve that is web development.

These tools come with pre-built templates where you can swap out text and images for your own information and they look great with minimal effort.

Commonly used website builders you may have heard of are Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and Go Daddy

A good way to think about this is like a good photographer. Back in the day, it took real skill to operate a manual SLR camera (and still does). However, in modern times you can use a point and shoot camera and even your smartphone to take some really good quality photos.

Website builders are like this in the sense that you can get some really good results with a DIY approach. But if you want something that’s more polished and perfected, then you might want to think about hiring a professional.


2. What does a web designer or developer do that’s different?

There’s a lot involved in explaining the differences here, and actually, a web designer and a web developer are two different things.

A web designer will focus on the user experience of your site, how things look and feel and how elements work together and know how to optimise your site for certain actions like gathering email contact or generating online sales.

A good web developer will then take what’s been designed and code this up in a way that is accessible and performant. You don’t want your website to run slowly, or not show properly to everyone and a developer knows exactly how to get this done so you can take a more hands-off approach and focus more on your business.

Going back to the camera analogy, hiring a professional web developer is the equivalent of hiring a professional photographer to take pictures at your wedding because you know you’ll get the best results and have something to be proud of from your special day.


3. Who should use a website builder and why?

The reality is that anyone can use a website builder, and this is definitely the cheapest way to get yourself online. However, there are limitations with this approach which often come with frustrations and not getting this part right can actually cost your business money.

I’d recommend a website builder if you are a:

  • Hobbyist
  • Blogger
  • Unfunded startup
  • Small Non-Profit

Basically, if your website isn’t going to help in generating revenue for your business in any way, then you may not want to spend the money on hiring a developer, and in this scenario, maybe you’d want to choose a website builder.

Paying for a website should pay for itself. So if hiring a web designer isn’t going to achieve this, I’d stick with a website builder.



4. Who should consider hiring a professional and why?

As previously mentioned, if you want your website to bring in customers and revenue for your business, then I’d give some serious thought to hiring a designer/developer.

Whilst you can still go with the website builder option, be aware that getting this part wrong can not only waste the time and effort in building the site, and the money you’ve spent on the hosting. But it can actually cost you money by driving away customers that otherwise may have come your way.

Think about the last time you were shopping online – you’re searching for a product or service with the intention of buying and come upon a website that either looks like it was made in the ’90s, or was someone’s high school project.

Chances are you didn’t even give that company a second thought, and probably never will again. They will forever be the company with the terrible website.

I’d recommend hiring a professional if you are a:

  • Local Business
  • Sole Trader
  • Entrepreneur
  • SAAS Company
  • Established Non-Profit

Speaking with a professional should be your first port of call. The cost may not be as much you’d expect and as previously mentioned – Your site will pay for itself if done properly.

One Web Creations have the experience to make this happen for your business, so look at it more like an investment rather than an expense.



5. Conclusion

So back to the main question, web designer vs website builder? Which one is right for you?

Most websites are built with commercial intent and a question every business owner needs to ask themselves before making such a commitment is to balance the risk vs reward.

If your business is in the early stages, or you don’t have much money to spend on hiring a pro. Then you should go with the most affordable option for you.

However, if your business is profitable, you value both your customers and employees and want to take it to the next level – Then hire a professional today!

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love your new website, You can ask us to design your website and won’t be asked to pay a penny until it is complete and online.